Woman Scream: a Scream in History at the XVI Santo Domingo International Book Fair

The Movimiento Mujeres Poetas Internacional (Women Poets International Movement-MPI) had its special participation at the XVI International Book Fair of Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic. Not only enjoying the important exhibitions, supporting the various workshops, women recitals, national and international presentations, but also celebrating on May 5, 2013, from 3-5 pm at the Pabellón de la Poesía (Pavilion of Poetry), its Woman Scream: a Scream in History, special edition. The spectators enjoyed a summary of the events that took place in the world during the long chain of 100 events worldwide, that formed this 2013 the International Poetry Festival that bears its name, and learned a little more about the work of this movement in the quest to rescuing quality women's poetry both young talents and well-known poets. Woman Scream special edition also presented a recount of the event celebrated in the Dominican Republic last March 16, 2013 at the Teatro Nacional (National Theatre): Mujeres en Grande (Women in Big). About 7 women poets participated at the book fair and stole much applause with their transgressive woman poetry in favor of non-violence, and self-esteem. Among the poets who supported the event were: Jael Uribe (President MPI), Dulce Urena, Mirtha Gutierrez Gonzalez (Cuban), Maria Palitachi (USA), Graciela De la Cruz (Ce-Mujer), Denisse Spanish (Punta Cana), the cuban poet, straight from Miami, Ada Bezos Castilla. Besides the writer Dr. Eduardo Gautreau de Windt, who conducted the event celebrated last march.

Woman Scream: A Scream in History, left its stamp marked on the large number of the assistants: some standing, others from outside the windows, paid special attention to each unique performance within the two hours that lasted the event. The  Poetry Pavilion was masterfully led by its director and MPI Goodwill Ambassador, the writer Ramón Saba, who read a poem dedicated to Jael Uribe entitled: “Adoro a esta guerrera” ( I adore this warrior), wining the public applause.

The event featured an exquisite public who participated interactively, exchanging ideas, sharing experiences, opinions on the subject of violence, poems, tips and interesting comments. Moreover, the movement held a lottery among attendees who won books from the participants, anthologies of women poets, CDs of the music presented at Woman Scream in Santo Domingo. People thanked the neighboring countries united in this work worldwide. Women Poets International (MPI) thanked the attendees for their support, letting the audience know that their welcome and acceptance is what drives the movement to continue the hard work it does, in a completely altruistic and selfless effort in behalf of the cause.