Woman Scream 2013 South Carolina (USA)

Woman Scream in Columbia, South Carolina (USA)

Supporters: HeTePu Productions; Mind Gravy Poetry; Sun Spirit Yoga Wellness Center & Sistercare

HeTePu Productions recently produced our version of the 3rd Woman’s Scream which took place in Columbia, SC. It was important because Columbia has the 2nd highest rate for Domestic Violence against women in the United States. As such, we were excited to be a part of this historical event that has touched so many people across the globe. 

We used the 3rd Woman’s Scream event as an opportunity to educate the public, so we created a Bulletin Board with visual images from across the globe and provided empowerment information from Sistercare, a local Women’s Shelter. We also had an Artist, Baruti painting live at the Festival, who donated the Masterpiece for a private auction and 20% of the proceeds were given to two Community Based Organizations working with young girls. In all, we had 17 Artists participate, including Poets, Musicians, Visual Artists and Singers who volunteered their time & talent to come out on Saturday, March 30, 2013 to Sun Spirit Yoga Wellness Studio, take off their shoes and bare their Souls in support of women and against Domestic Violence. 

The Studio was filled with a demographically diverse group of Youth & Elders; Men & Women; Mothers; Daughters; Sons and Fathers, all pausing for a good cause……. We had many courageous women share their work, including a Breast Cancer Survivor who was inspiring to others, but also felt healed by the good energy generated in the Yoga Studio. In addition, we had a TV News Reporter come out to cover the event and the interview with footage aired on the local news that night, which allowed us to get the message out to an even larger audience.

 In review of the comments made by both participants and our audience about the 3rd Woman’s Scream, their responses to this event was overwhelmingly positive. In fact, we’re encouraged by that outcome, since many of the Artists have already signed on to participate in next year’s 4th Woman’s Scream event, should we have the opportunity to do it again. 

By, S.G. Amenwahsu