Woman Scream 2013 Athens-Greece

The writer Helena Stagkouraki, goodwill ambassador of Women Poets International in Athenas, along with Poeticanet, were in charge of coordinating an event in that city that formed part of the chain of events of the third Woman Scream International Poetry Festival ( Festival Internacional de Poesía Grito de Mujer) 2013 at the Cultura Instituto Cervantes Atenas yesterday 13 of march in the evening, dedicated to the "missing" women and the victims of the feminicides in Latin America and the rest of the world in general, gave us the opportunity to hear about shocking statistics about women-victims of violence here in Greece and in Latin America. Some of her words brought tears to many eyes, specially in the part where she aborded the stories of: Susana Chavez murdered in Mexico, Juarez situation, and when she mention some other cases intertationally known in Latin American Culture.
During her speech Helena showed a very interesting presentation about all the work that represented the festival in the world and let everyone know its purpose and the work of Women Poets International Movement (Mujeres Poetas Internacional MPI) It also allowed us to submerge into the magic of feminine Greek poetry read and performed by Greek poetesses. "I greatly thank all participants". Said Helena at the end of the event after hearing all the excellent feedback from the asistants.

At the end of the event, Helena was invited to talk about the subject of violence in Latin American Culture at a Forum in Athenas University.