Woman Scream 2013 dedicated to Malala Yusufzai

Congratulations to Malala Yusufzai! Women Poets International Movement (Mujeres Poetas internacional, MPI) joins the joy of his nomination to the Nobel Prize for Peace and dedicates its Woman Scream 2013 to this brave girl, future poet of our times. 

On October 9, 2012 Malala Yusufzai, a Pakistani girl of 15, was shot in the head by a Taliban gunman in response to the campaign launched against the destruction of girls' schools in the country. Malala risked her life by refusing to obey the order and went to her school claiming the right to education of girls worldwide. Her dream is to become a doctor and poetess, her name Malala, comes from another prominent poetess Malalai of Maiwand (called the poet of Fasto in Afghanistan, the Afghan Joan of Arc who died at 18 in the battlefield carrying the flag of her people during the war). The courage of Malala has caused a global movement that believe  she should receive the Nobel Peace Prize.

The first step has been achieved. Malala was nominated for the award. Only some institutions, such as parliaments, have option to submit nominations. So in several countries were created petitions calling for political groups in parliament to nominate her for the prize. It has been victorious, Malala was nominated!