In March 2013, you’ll hear a "Woman Scream"

Once again we will witness the loud and strong voices of poets who believe that speaking against violence is not enough; they believe that sometimes screaming is necessary. A scream is a release of the soul before impotence, is the Scream of: Enough! So next March 2013 poets will raise their voices again in the 3rd. Woman Scream International Poetry Festival called from the Dominican Republic by the Movement Women Poets International (Mujeres Poetas Internacional-MPI) and will be held in many countries and cities that have joined the long chain of events worldwide with the only intention of paying a fitting tribute to women through poetry, music, arts and other activities of interest throughout the whole month of march 2013. Woman Scream is part of the social mission of the MPI who also works towards the recognition of unknown talented women poets through their various activities, joint projects, and social networks. The MPI has the support of several cultural and literary institutions of importance that are partners of the events in various countries and cities, among this year’s participation list are included:

Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico (Humacao), Spain (Malaga, Gran Canaria, Murcia, Aguilas Murcia, Valencia, Barcelona, Alicante, ​​Toledo, Madrid, Bajadoz, Cadiz province, Cájar Granada), Mexico (Mexico City, Michoacán, Veracruz, Tijuana), Argentina (Buenos Aires, Rosario, Santa Fe, La Plata-Berisso and Ensenada-2 events, Santiago del Estero, Río Negro–Cipolletti-Patagonia), Colombia (Barranquilla, Cali, Bucaramanga), Cuba (Las Tunas), Chile (Santiago, Talagante, Ovalle, Valparaiso), Peru (Lima), Bolivia (Santa Cruz), Guatemala (Ciudad, Quetzaltenango), Venezuela (Acarigua, Anzoátegui ), Panama, Ecuador (Loja), Honduras, USA (New Jersey, South Carolina, California-Modesto, California-Santa Rosa, San Francisco, New York, Miami), Canada, Germany, Russia (St. Petersburg), Luxembourg, France (Paris, Guadeloupe), Morocco (Larache), South Africa (Cape Town, Bloemfontein, Zimbabwe, Johannesburg), Kosovo, Greece, Antigua and Barbuda, Tanzania, India (Kolkata), Israel (Tel Aviv), etc.

This list will continue to rise in the coming months until March 2013. The last chain of the festival in March 2012 included the participation of 30 countries and 95 events worldwide were made in favor of the cause in different languages.

Woman Scream 2013 includes activities such as conferences, exhibitions, outdoor activities, poetry readings, contests, and more. The various activities will involve men and women poets’ good-will ambassadors of the MPI movement in different countries and the collaboration of institutions, cultural groups, musicians, and artists who support this beautiful solidary work.

Women Poets International Movement-MPI is one of the major projects that have managed to transcend the Internet to work together towards a common goal; it has brought together poets, followers and friends in a social movement that transcends all borders. The MPI has nearly 20,000 followers, and monitors directly more than 500 female poets from different countries. MPI was founded by the Dominican writer Jael Uribe to provide support in spreading the work of Spanish speaking women poets worldwide, as well as providing necessary technology tools for them to continue promoting their writing, and fight their way through today's technology to make themselves known in other frontiers as well as developing their leadership role through the coordination of poetic events in tribute to women worldwide. To learn more about the MPI and its work to support these worthy representatives of women poetry and their events, visit their page in:  for previous news and Woman Scream events in English and other languages, check: or contact them on their many social networks.


  1. I don't see any mention of it being held in the UK, have you had anyone approach you about holding it here?


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