Calling for Woman Scream International Poetry Festival 2013

We extend the invitation to join the chain of events for the 3rd "Woman’ Scream" International Poetry Festival by Women Poets International Movement (MPI). This festival aims to bring together men and women poets in various countries, to pay a fitting tribute to women and to contribute with messages against violence. Musicians, actors, and other artists are welcome to contribute in the events to work together in favor of the cause. Woman’s Scream it’s made ​​from 1st. to the 31st of March remaining as responsibility of the organizers to select the day or days that suits them best to plan their event. Woman’ Screams events are planned by our Goodwill Ambassadors and followers worldwide, and eventually, we invite other poetry groups and organizations to join the cause.

People who want to take part must ask for the Woman’ Scream 2013’s written terms and must be 100% committed with the purpose and assume this important role as an act of solidarity in favor of necessary cause. The last festival in March 2012 was attended by 30 countries and 95 events were planned worldwide in several languages and cities.

We invite you to join the cause in a serious committed way, and to help us spread this message to those who can support and join this cause.
We extent this new calling to join, and ask for the help of all of you, to make this message be heard to people interested in becoming part of what we do.

Our mail for applications to join this cause and to receive the written terms of this calling is mujerespoetasinternacional (at) gmail (dot) com

Learn about our previous festival in other countries and see pictures of previous events in our official Woman’ Scream blog:
or to learn about us, visit our blog:

Our Facebook webpage in English is:

For more photos of  Woman' Scream 2012 events, please click HERE 


Only people who make the commitment to comply with the guidelines of the "Woman’ Scream 2013” accepting the terms and conditions and the responsibility of making an event, will be taken into account to organizing the event on our behalf. Once requested he/she should read the rules and respond according to our mail. This is a serious cause, we expect you to take it that way. Thanks for joining.