2nd Woman Scream in Modesto and San Francisco, California 2012

March 25, 2012

San Francisco is known for its beautiful Golden Gate Bridge, Golden Gate Park and its diversity, in lifestyle and people.  On Sunday, March 25, Ms. Vielka Solano joined the uniqueness and grandeur of being in San Francisco by reading several of her moving poems at O’Reilly Irish Pub and Restaurant in the North Beach area of San Francisco.  

She was joined by her daughter, Richell, who read the poem alongside her mother in English; as her mother, the poet Vielka, read in Spanish.  There is nothing that can describe the emotions when Vielka reads her poems.  It is hers and hers alone.  She is powerful and fierce.  Every word was delivered with sharp and emotional breaths. 

The audience was in awe, astonished and bewildered to what they heard and saw. Background pictures (from a Powerpoint presentation) were flashed alongside to help depict the words that were recited.  

The audience was diverse, from college professors to students, doctors and medical personnel, retired and soon to retire people, and many more.  There were a couple of invited artists in the audience as well.  One of them was Mr. Amandio Cabral, whose background Latin music provided the mood of the night, along with Ms. Gabrielle Mendes, both whom Mr. Myles O’Reilly kindly invited.  

The audience left satisfied and still catching their thoughts and breaths from their own interpretations of Vielka’s poems.  Beautiful, shocking, real, astounding, and controversial; were just a few of the words that were used to describe Vielka’s poems by the audience. It was indeed a daunting, fierce, and contemptuous voice of Vielka that made the night extraordinaire.

It was a successful and joyful occasion for the 2nd Woman’ Scream International Poetry Festival in San Francisco, California, its first celebration. We look forward to next year’s event!

Please follow our You Tube recording of the poetry reading here:

March 29, 2012

On March 29, 2012 in Modesto, California Yudelka Guerra took the stage at El Concilio, a community center dedicated in advocating for the Spanish speaking community. 

The audience was filled with an array of community leaders from all over Stanislaus County including Planned Parenthood, Congressman Cordova’s Intern, Female Factor, and OSHA. 

The viewers were completely intrigued by Vielka’s powerful words and message, as she spoke through poetry about the mixed emotions of domestic violence. Her statistics about domestic violence in California and the U.S. in general left the audience shocked, as a new light on this issue was shed on most. 

After Vielka’s powerful readings, she opened the floor to questions and or comments. Many of the listeners chose to commend Vielka on her mission in advocating and speaking on behalf of those who have suffered from domestic violence. She left the audience with a beautiful poem entitled, “To Feel Alone,” which spoke about the beauty of a healthy love filled relationship in which we all want, away from a relationship of violence and hurt. A poem of hope, especially for every victim of violence.

Overall it was a successful poetry reading in representing the 2nd Annual Woman’ Scream Poetry Festival.


  1. Interesante espacio, un placer pasar a saludar.
    feliz fin de semana.


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