Woman’ Scream 2012 in Kosovo

The Activity was held yesterday, march 15, 2012 in Pristina/Kosovo for the Festival “Woman’ Scream” was of great success.Kosovan women poets , writer’s, academicians joined together in the aula of National Library to hear the strong scream of poets. Activity was organized by Kosovo PEN Center and supported financially by Prishtina municipality.

Sazana Çapriqi, presented a study titled :”The right of expression and all the woman absencences”. Capriqi said that literary universe was dominated by man authors, and the names of the female authors where hardly recognized. But this universe is full of female protagonists like Electra, Ana Carenina, Ema Bovari, Ledi Macbeth, Cleopatra etc. Relation of female and literature is between love and hate” Capriqi said.
 Edi Shkuriu and Ilire Zajmi (Gray Scarf)

In this activity some of most famous poets of Kosovo read their poems: Ilire Zajmi, Fahredin Shehu, Edi Shukriu, Lindita Tahiri, Nerimane Kamberi, Naime Beqiraj, Qibrije Demiri, Ali Podrimja, Ndriçim  Ademaj,Vjosa Maqedonci Osmani, Valentina Saraçini and Donika Dabishevci.

Moderator of this activity, poetess and archeologist Edi Shukriu , said that this activity from know on is going to be tradicional. She said that kosovan scream of poetess is heard not only in Prishtina, but everywhere.The most important newspapers in Kosovo wrote about this Festival activity. Also public broadcaster Radio Television of Kosovo, and commercial television Klan Kosovo reported about this important cultural event.

This activity in Kosovo was bought with the initiative of Kosovan poet Fahredin Shehu. Is was coordinated by two poetesses Ilire Zajmi and Edi Shukriu.

Women Poets International wishes to thanks all Kosovan poets for joining this cause, and for all the support to our movement during this time. We send them all a hug in poetry from the Dominican Republic in the brothers and sister we are!

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