"Woman’ Scream" International Poetry Festival 2011 ends with success.

The “Woman’ Scream" International Poetry Festival 2011 organized by the Movement of Women Poets International (MPI) with headquarters in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, ends yesterday with great success in Cochabamba, Bolivia. This festival was designed and masterfully coordinated by the Dominican writer Jael Uribe, a roar that was heard from Sweden to Patagonia (literally). "Woman’ Scream" started strongly in the March 5 Cájar Granada-Spain, poetry, music, lectures, performances, presentations and so on., In honor of women and against violence and culminated yesterday March 30 in Mexico City with a total of 44 events in 17 countries and various communities and states.

In a fitting tribute, and we could say as an "attack" against violence, nearly 40 MPI members worldwide, were converted into good-will ambassadors of the movement, whose responsibility was to pull the invisible strings of this wonderful initiative. Their efforts and endeavors have been rewarded with the overall success of the activity, which has affected not only incredibly on the Internet, where they have their base, but in the international press and the hearts of poets and assistants all participating countries and beyond its borders.

They along with their countries: 

Miriam R. Krüger (Luxembourg), Ivonne Sánchez Barea (Spain-Granada), Carmen Sanjuan (Spain-Barcelona), Pedro Vera (Spain, Murcia), Monica Gameros (Mexico City), Anna Lasso Tessier  (Uruguay ), Laura Medina Murillo (Colombia-Bucaramanga), Alfredo González Barrios (Colombia-Barranquilla), Ainye Pinilla De la Rosa  (Colombia-Barranquilla), Eliana Florez Pineda (Colombia-Bogotá), María Isbelia Alcalá (Venezuela), Karina Luz Bocanegra (Peru-Trujillo), Xiomara Rodriguez Avila (Cuba, Las Tunas), Monica Tapia Espinoza (Chile-Valparaiso), Alcira Ross (Argentina, Chacabuco), Mariana  Vacs and Alejandra Méndez (Rosario-Argentina), Graciela Mirolo (Argentina- Unquillo-Córdoba), Mabel Pereyra (River-Black-Patagonia-Argentina), Paulina Jaramillo Soledad Valdivieso (Ecuador), Zulma Quiñones (Puerto Rico), Rosse Marie Caballero (Bolivia-Cochabamba), Jorge Encinas Cladera (Bolivia, Oruro), Cynthia Rodriguez Leija (Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, Mexico), Celeste Alba Iris (Ciudad Victoria-Tamaulipas, Mexico), Erika Said Izaguirre (Mcallen-Texas), Alicia Meza (Mexico-Chihuahua), Miranda Dayra Olmedo  (Panama), Jeannette Motoya (Sweden), Mery Larrinua (USA-Miami), María Farazdel (Palitachi) (USA-NY), and Jael Uribe (Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic), deserve to pass posterity, to have been precursors, with minimal resources, a momentous event that gradually were added authorities, ministries, municipalities, foundations, and institutions in support of women and the welfare of the community in different and places which are very grateful for their timely help.

The “Woman’ Scream" International Poetry Festival 2011 organized by the Movement of Women Poets International (MPI) , Jael Uribe and the nearly 40 of the good-will ambassadors participants deserve their names resounding in the wind, along with the hearts of women and men attending and participating in the different events, what they did will be in the consciousness of those who live in silence and that aren’t strong enough to raise their voices, but above all things, it was another link that will be added to the great chain of souls who cry a halt to violence against our mother-creator, the woman.