Calling for the 2dn “Woman’ Scream” International Poetry Festival 2012

Time is getting closed to plan our 2dn. “Woman’ scream” International Poetry Festival, created by the Dominican poetess Jael Uribe and hosted by the Movement Mujeres Poetas Internacional (Women Poets International) based in Dominican Republic. This festival has the objective of reuniting poets and artists from al over the World, and creating gatherings on many countries and places to make a well deserved tribute to women and to raise our voices against women’s violence. Add your country to the cause!

Last March 2011 festival was an Amazing experience to all of the 50 goodwill ambassadors of our movement who became part of this project and who gave their best to make our festival in 17 Spanish spoken countries and 44 different locations, a great and well now success. Due to this, International Press got to know us and many good things came our way to make proud our members and followers. We now want to extent this festival to other languages and countries:

This year, we are making a new Worldwide calling…

The person who become part of this cause, must be a 100% engage to the purpose of taking our poetry scream of solidarity with the cause with altruism, so our voices could be heard whenever there is a person that can help us put a stop to women’s violence, or whether there is a mistreated woman who needs courage to face her grieve, and proudly embrace our mission knowing how important his/her help is, for the success of the project.

So we extent this calling to join the cause, and ask for the help of all of you to make this message be heard to people interested in becoming part of what we do.

Our mail for applications to join this cause and to receive the terms of this calling is HERE

Learn about our previous festival in other countries and see pictures in our blog: and see Spanish Woman' Scream news in

Our Facebook fans webpage in English is:




Thanks for your support and solidarity, please help us spread the word. :)